Scientology adverts

Ever since the scientology exposed programme on the BBC was aired last night, nearly every youtube video I’ve watched today has advertised their so-called freedom magazine.

Are they feeling vulnerable and flashing the cash? Surely not retail therapy – isn’t that Nazi science?

Or have they had a bad day recently?

Update: They’re getting bigger

6 Responses to Scientology adverts

  1. I was not watching the television at the time but the not wife saw an ad on a cable channel..You don’t get poor being a charlatan so it seems!

  2. David J Mudkips says:

    Bearing in mind, of course, that the Anti-Sweeny rebuttal actually came out *before* the Panorama Broadcast.

    “Getting our retaliation in first”, indeed…

    Of course, churning out a Freedumb Magazine is standard response to a media attack – They did the same thing ealier this year when CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed some ex-Scientologists, and before that, when The St Petersburg Times did an in-depth article about the abuses of Scientology leader David Miscavige (the latter of which is an auto-generated “Related post” on this very blog)

    Of course, what they fail to get, is that their ranting screeds will only be taken as fact by the already-brainwashed faithful. Everyone else responds like you did – Wtih a healthy level of “WTF??”, traditionally followed by a peal of laughter at the crass stupidity of it all.

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  4. morgan says:

    Yes Scientology is a controversial subject, as is all other religions no?

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