Ed Miliband is made Labour leader

Today, conference witnessed as Ed Miliband became the leader of the Labour Party with 50.1% of the vote.

As the left foot forward blog has predicted Ed Balls was kingmaker in the vote, while Dianne Abbott was outed in the first round.

Ed Miliband managed to get 34% in the first round while his elder brother took home 37%. But the final result went down to the union vote, where the younger of the brothers was able to carry victory.

Pressure will be on Ed Miliband to both unify the party while providing a heavy hitting critique of the coalition government.

All eyes will be on where Ed places his brother in the shadow cabinet. There will be great interest to see whether the party places third place contender Ed Balls – who has placed a significant attack on the cuts agenda – in a chancellor role, or whether his inclusion will be political poison, owing to the specificity of his criticism.

Tom Clark of the Guardian has tweeted that the result could be the difference of the 2-3 MP votes.