Wat Tyler Park

Today I walked to Wat Tyler Park in Pitsea; here’s what I saw:










I came across this abandoned building, what looked like a small house. It had two rooms, one completely uncovered. There was a box with what looked hay or straw inside, and droppings possibly from a mouse. I’m aware that around this area – close to Pitsea Marshes, there was an explosives factory, conveniently placed near pillboxes. Unfortunately during the war that factory caught fire. Near the train line there were houses, which believe it or not Londoners used as holiday homes. When the line to Fenchurch Street was first built, landowners would indulge visitors with champagne auctions – clearly the logic was to get the silver spoons pissed enough to invest in little homes in the marsh. Perhaps this house was one such example.




















There was a site specifically for the production of nitroglycerin – a nitrating house – work in which was described as very boring. So much so, in fact, that the workers were made to sit one one legged stools to avoid falling asleep. The vat of mixture would go to a flushing tank. This tank was, presumably, situated near this tunnel.
























One Response to Wat Tyler Park

  1. Great pictures. Shame Basildon Council has done it’s best to ruin this place, getting rid of the motorboat museum (james bond’s old speed boat from Live and Let Die), demolishing all the old quayside shops, no ice cream parlour, the toddlers play area and replacing it with a load of meaningless and dangerous environmental profligacy. A simple upgrade would have been great but it now looks like a park run by dogma than common sense and about half as good as it was.

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