What could we buy with expenses repayments?

The sum of £478,616 has been returned in repaid claims, but where does this money go? Or rather, where could it go, if we were a little more creative with our winnings the rightly repaid money.

(this involved me searching £478,616 on google)

Would be quite enough to keep Solva in Pembrokeshire sweet.

More than enough to award one headteacher compensation for stress after she was accused of not giving sufficient attention to the needs of Muslim pupils.

Will afford you the cost of a certain football player – one Kevin Kilbane – following Hull City’s survival.

Should be a suitable amount to stump up enough in fines, after a fatal lift accident in Southampton.

Boris Johnson maybe wouldn’t fork out this much for Wandle Park, Croydon.

Was too much for such a risk-taking venture for cannabis haulers.

Is in the price range of Swindon, for a Radio 1 festival.

Perhaps quite enough for a man who wants his health back.

Can be enough for a trusted treasurer who stole said sum.

Should not buy a businessman rights no other man (or woman) has, by building a house worth said amount without permission.

Surplus to how much NHS south central will set aside for fluoridation review.

Just over the amount to get Guido Fawkes foaming at the mouth (bastard!!)


Though if Parliament were up to spending £79 more, they could afford 289 duck islands with that money. (Exclusive!!)


Has racism been here before?

The worries of Boris, and indeed the rest of us nice folk, are temporarily relaxed; he’s not allowed to go, its inappropriate. But the whole affair crossed my mind again – at a time when many are tired of the BNP even getting mentioned, saying why give them promotion, or why dedicate so much time on criticising them, it looks desparate etc etc… (I don’t agree, but I might be sympathetic to the idea that a protest at the BBC is worthless, and perhaps even detrimental).

But I was reading the Guardian review of Richard Overy’s new book The Morbid Age: Britian Between the Wars, and as I focused upon the examples given by reviewer Alison Light, of Julian Huxley etc, I realised that it wasn’t so much that racism in suits hasn’t shown its ugly head before, but, rather, it had and we did so much to curb it. Well, now its fighting back, and so it is well worth doing all possible to sideline the crackpots, but, and I’ll re-state again and again, more effort needs to be done in order not to show the crackpot-hater as the crackpot himself.

A protest at the BBC, I think not…

Potatoes for voters? Nah, just smile, Gordon

After reading about the vote-wooing tactics of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the free potatoes in the Guardian I asked myself how well that would go down if Gordon Brown took to it. It certainly would look curious if David Cameron questioned Brown’s tactics with the piercing bellow “Death to the potatoes!”

But it seems that Brown need not go to such lengths. There is at least one influential social activist willing to plug his merits.

Funny, about this time last year I believe she influenced Thirty-three Labour MPs to vote against their party, and Gordon Brown, by demanding the introduction of a system of rewards for people who install solar panels and wind turbines at home.

She writes flirty emails to Boris Johnson about solving crime with music and dance.

In an interview with Sophie Heawood for the Times Lily Allen has said that she “will vote for you, Gordon Brown”.

And I suppose that she will also be encouraged by the sacking of Elliot Morely as envoy on climate change, after he was found to be claiming £16,800 in mortgage interest payments for a loan that had already been paid off. He voted against the rewards-for-installations that Allen had sent letters to MP’s trying to swing their votes for.

I wonder if Andrew MacKay voted for rewarding energy savers?