Potatoes for voters? Nah, just smile, Gordon

After reading about the vote-wooing tactics of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the free potatoes in the Guardian I asked myself how well that would go down if Gordon Brown took to it. It certainly would look curious if David Cameron questioned Brown’s tactics with the piercing bellow “Death to the potatoes!”

But it seems that Brown need not go to such lengths. There is at least one influential social activist willing to plug his merits.

Funny, about this time last year I believe she influenced Thirty-three Labour MPs to vote against their party, and Gordon Brown, by demanding the introduction of a system of rewards for people who install solar panels and wind turbines at home.

She writes flirty emails to Boris Johnson about solving crime with music and dance.

In an interview with Sophie Heawood for the Times Lily Allen has said that she “will vote for you, Gordon Brown”.

And I suppose that she will also be encouraged by the sacking of Elliot Morely as envoy on climate change, after he was found to be claiming £16,800 in mortgage interest payments for a loan that had already been paid off. He voted against the rewards-for-installations that Allen had sent letters to MP’s trying to swing their votes for.

I wonder if Andrew MacKay voted for rewarding energy savers?