Top Ten posts last year

Inspired by Cath, who in turn was inspired by Adam, who  in turn was inspired by Darryl, I will list here the top 10 posts that have been read on this blog, last year:

1. Tom Harris, the sacked Christian teacher, violence and bullying

This was posted in December 2009 and is about Tom Harris’ appeal to left wing bloggers to stick up for a Christian teacher who was being sacked, and as Harris explained persecuted for his beliefs.

As it was Christmas I posted a picture of a snowman – it would appear, sadly for me, that it was this that made it my most popular entry for 2010.

2. Heiko Khoo expelled from the International Marxist Tendency

I was witness to some far left gossip as it was happening, within moments of finding out that Heiko Khoo had been expelled from the International Marxist Tendency I was typed up the affair and it became quite popular – it’s also one of the first things to appear on google if you type Khoo’s name, fairly well known for his public speaking.

3. Iranian law and the case of Sakine Mohammadi Ashtani

In this entry I disseminate why the case – still ongoing – of Ashtiani is both wrong generally, but also wrong according to Islamic law specifically.

4. The deportations of unaccompanied asylum seeking children

I had been doing some research on UASC when news emerged that the UK Border Agency was setting up a £4m “reintegration centre” as part of the process of deporting children back to Afghanistan. This chimed in with a debate I had had with Neil Robertson on LibCon about child detention centres, which I anticipated before talk of the reintegration centre would be better than some of the alternatives – I felt vindicated, if saddened, at the time of finding out the governments plans for UASC.

5. Raoul Moat is caught

I was watching the live news as this story was breaking out, so I decided to write a quick post when Moat was caught – some time after it was revealed, however, that he had shot himself and died.

6. Special educational needs and the Daily Mail

I’d written this post addressing a suspiciously written piece in the Daily Mail referring negatively to children who have SEN. What I didn’t realise at the time was that an academic who the Mail quoted would read my piece and leave a comment saying that the Mail had taken something she had said out of context to back up their rancid views. I then wrote a piece about that called The Daily Mail: Even Worse than Flat Earth

7. A Freudian, anti-Cartesian, look at Martin Scorsese’s ‘Shutter Island’

After watching the film Shutter Island I was reminded of some Freudian notions, which I jotted down. I fear that this is in the top 10, not because of my Freudian analysis, but because of the film’s popularity.

8. Christopher Hitchens and prayer

Right after Christopher Hitchens was diagnosed with cancer a large contingent of idiots came out to say they hope now he will repent and look towards prayer as a way to safety. This drove me crazy, so I jotted a little note down here.

9. Daily Mail confused by reality/fiction again

This did the rounds on twitter after being retweeted by a few people; it refers to a byline on the Mail website which makes it appear the writer did not realise the Eastenders plot was fictional: “Young Mother had tried to throw herself from roof before making escape”.

10. Wazhma Frogh and women’s rights in Afghanistan

There had been a surge in debate on women’s rights and certain justifications for war in the Middle East. I used this opportunity to look at the work of Wazhma Frogh, an interesting academic and campaigner, who refers to herself as both feminist and pro-war in Afghanistan.


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