An email to my local MP

I felt it necessary to email my local MP, Stephen Metcalfe (Con), of Basildon and Billericay. It went as follows:


I’m a local of yours, I live in Rectory Park Drive in Pitsea, I hope that if you are voting tomorrow afternoon on fee changes for students that you’ll vote no. The levels of debt that face students after their degree are beginning to get disturbing – I’m not sure I would’ve gone to university were I given such a bill (and already I am in £12,000 debt, for goodness knows how long). It’s not a party political debate in my opinion, some of the progressive Conservative literature I have seen promotes a savings culture for all, so as we all can become recapitalised and not generationally indebted to lenders. A vote against fee rises ensures that a savings culture begins, and the debt culture ends.

As knowledge work becomes the dominating force in this country, and GDP relies on it all the more, degrees in their many forms – arts, humanities, sciences – will be vital; to want to help enrich this country in times where growth is an issue, prospective students should not be fined for their efforts but rewarded. As my experience has shown, a degree in itself does not guarantee a person a job, and even if you are lucky enough to find one, the chances of reaching the average graduate wage packet are questionable (which is higher than £21K). What has been absent from many discussions on fee change is how much social capital degrees have. On this basis alone, I’d appeal to your heartstrings, and ask you vote no. Plus, abstaining is for liberals.

Carl Packman


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