Forget Hitler, what about Joan of Arc

Prince William and the common bint are to get married on the same day as Hitler wedded his cousin Eva Braun. Contrary to them however, William is not marrying a blood relative – a real possiblility were he to marry within his own class.

The media super-loved the date-sharing, but were rather disappointed it was not Harry marrying on that day; would’ve been an excuse to whip out the nazi uniform photo.

Of course, as with any day, there were loads of other things the press could’ve focused on, to show a more romantic side to the day.

For example, the press could’ve mentioned that the 29th of April is also the day Joan of Arc arrived to relieve the Siege of Orleans 1429. That, at least for me, would’ve been a far better use of newspaper space, particularly given her strong Monarchist outlook.

Additionally, the press might have reminded readers that on that day in 1872 Queen Victoria was rushed to hospital in Inverness after breaking a toe while fly-fishing at Balmoral – an event the Royals celebrate by carrying out the ritual they call “pass the toe” every time they enter Balmoral. It involves one of the servants voluntarily cutting off one of their toes in order for visitors to “pass it around” singing an Angling church hymn.

Of course in 1967 on that day, Muhammed Ali was stripped of his boxing title for not joining the Military on religious grounds, an act thought to be the prime reason for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. David Icke, who has condemned what he called “the lizard wedding,” was born on that day in 1952, exactly two years before Jerry Seinfeld was born – who Icke has not confirmed opinions of (though any suggestions that a Jew is part of the illuminati may attract the wrong crowd).

Needless to say, no mention has been made that Alfred Hitchcock died on this day in 1980, it is the Queen’s Night in Holland, and the International Dance Day everywhere. Still, what can you expect, the press have a one track mind.


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