Iain Dale quote of the decade (the archive)

Iain Dale ( @iaindale )likes a quote, he often has them up as blogposts where people comment in agreement.

I found a recollection of something he said at an event discussing the YouTube generation, noted in a report by the think-tank Involve. It recalled Dale urging: “politicians to “take risks” and reach out to the public through new media, citing the blog by Nadine Dorres MP as a good example” (p. 137).

The element of risk is surely a tactic of Nasty Nadine.


2 Responses to Iain Dale quote of the decade (the archive)

  1. Denny says:

    She’s the Tory MP in a seat that’s been Tory-held for just short of 80 years. It doesn’t really matter what she does to the general public, you can hardly call it risk-taking unless and until she starts aiming insults at senior members of her own party.

    • Carl Packman says:

      She doesn’t have to abuse other Tories to be a liability; if she keeps being daft and abusing constituents that 5o-odd % won’t keep itself. Furthermore, she risks indecency, but if that is electable in mid-Bedfordshire then all fool them.

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