Evo keeps his eye on the balls

Evo Morales, the Bolivian President, may be famous for his leftwing views or the fame he received by being Bolivia’s first indigenous premier, but what might be less known is his natural football talents.

In 2008 he listed as a reserve player with Litoral, a minor league football team in La Paz – the capital of Bolivia.

It may be less known still, that he is an outspoken critic of the ban by Fifa on international matches at high altitudes – prompting him to host a charity match with former Argentinian player Diego Maradona in La Paz, at 3,597 metres (11,800ft) above sea level.

It is also demonstrably true that Morales is a critic of high tackles – as can be witnessed during a match he played in last Sunday to inaugurate a renovated stadium in the capital.

A video put on YouTube (seen below) shows Morales, a 50-year old former coca farmer, putting the knee into opposition player Daniel Gustavo Cartagena, after the latter performed a late tackle on the President.

The video is magic. Viva Evo!


2 Responses to Evo keeps his eye on the balls

  1. Left Outside says:


    The Vice-president of Bolivia is giving a talk at LSE on thursday 11th Nov, wanna come along?

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