A break from blogging: Caroline Lucas’ eyebrows

I’m on a bit of a blogospheric break, but I did want to collate some information on Caroline Lucas’ eyebrows:

Ben Pile believes:

Caroline Lucas rose to prominence in an era of political malaise. Her natty attire, earnest eyebrows, and in debate her shameless doom-mongery combined gave her an edge in the media that few other greens could ever hope to match

Daniel Trilling, in the New Statesman, says:

Lucas raised eyebrows in Labour circles when she was invited to speak at the conference of the Labour pressure group Compass last summer, and again at a Compass event at the September Labour conference.

Cllr John Ward says:

I have to say that I, too, don’t feel like cuddling Caroline Lucas. I have just found some photos of her, and those stern eyebrows and the severe hairstyle would put me off.

DannyO opines:

Those Eyebrows…….Jesus Christ.

Stan Bailey in Brighton, writing at 6:26pm, Friday 10th September 2010 said:

In fact is Thatcher and her have similar eyebrows, noses etc. Anyone have photoshop?

Ricardo has said:

I bet her citoris [sic – presumably] has little arched eyebrows and pointy ears.

Just think about that for while.


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