David Cameron’s Father has died

Number 10 has confirmed that Ian Cameron, the Father of PM David, has died while on holiday in France.

Among the many stupid comments to come up from Guido Fawkes’ website, one comment did stand out that I want to qualify here:

Glad he lived to see his son become PM and to savour – briefly – the enjoyment of becoming a grandfather again.

Though I am an opponent of David Cameron, it must be tremendous seeing your offspring achieve great goals, and to feel the joy of being a grandfather over again.

In spite of political colours, our wishes should be with the Cameron’s at this time, and hope that they can recover speedily from this loss.


4 Responses to David Cameron’s Father has died

  1. Agreed Carl. It is a time for condolences. This has no bearing on his policies

  2. Left Outside says:

    Very sad news indeed. I’m impressed Cameron is still as sane as he appears to be after the last 18 months he has had.

    Gosh, Guido’s comment section is a fetid swamp of humanity, been a while since I last looked.

    • Carl P says:

      yeah I know – I never look but he posted something on this very early, and to his credit I believed it to be true when he said it (because even he isn’t that heartless. Oh no wait, he totally is isn’t he) – it’s a vile place, stupid people.

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