Andrew Lansley, the milk rapparee

The Milk snatching is back.

Mehdi Hasan has it like this:

But earlier this morning, Downing Street beat a hasty retreat from the suggestion in a letter from a junior health minister that a UK-wide scheme offering free milk for under-fives could be scrapped as part of the coalition’s ongoing and draconian drive to make immediate spending cuts.

But the catchphrase for Lansley will be harder due to the fact Lansley hardly rhymes with anything.

So I have gone with the following: Andrew Lansley, the milk rapparee – that’s a keeper that is!


  1. A freebooting soldier of 17th-century Ireland.
  2. A bandit or robber.

[Irish Gaelic rapaire, variant of ropaire, cutpurse, from ropaid, he stabs.]

Some historians see the rapparees as an Irish version of the “social bandit” described by the historian Eric Hobsbawm—who is an outlaw but not regarded as a criminal by his own community.


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