A short story by Anon

I don’t expect it will do me any damage.

Am willing to wait it out though, because you never know, I suppose anything could happen, and stranger things have happened. To be quite honest, in today’s internet age, it won’t be peculiar for this to happen, and will probably happen more often.

Melanie Phillips and the like probably wouldn’t worry about it too much. They have other things on their minds, who doesn’t I suppose.

51 years will pass and the internet will stay the same, acting as a host for fraudsters, impersonators and phonies, fakes, the fickle, the free?

On to the future we go, not stopping at the lights, straight on, into the ether, hoping nothing comes of it, but wanting to cause a small stir, for prosperity reasons.

Twitter is the way to go, the way to achieve that unknowing notoriety, that feeling that for just a few days, I was someone else. Let us go beyond.


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