What is Nick Griffin’s invitation withdrawal symbolic of?

re the decision to withdraw Nick Griffin’s invitation from Buckingham palace, many comments have been made, supporting the decision and opposing it. See the following:

Unite Against Fascism said the decision to bar the far right leader was “fantastic”” and “Events like this help to make Nick Griffin and the BNP seem legitimate in the eyes of racist voters”

Fraser Nelson, editor of the spectator, has said: The Palace was wrong to ban Griffin. He’s an odious racist, but won his seat fair and square. He’s a hideous reminder of abandoned voters.

As a leftie anti-fascist which view do I think is the more responsible? The latter of course.

Banning him is another way in which the battle to beat the fascists has been delegated to simply trying to forget they are there – ignoring the cause of their rise as if it weren’t important.

Though Andrew Brons, also a BNP MEP, has kept his invitation – I dare say if his profile was bigger it’d be his fate too.

These are terrible characters, but trying to hide them will not work – unless only as a way of getting out of taking the BNP on properly and curbing their appeal.


2 Responses to What is Nick Griffin’s invitation withdrawal symbolic of?

  1. Justin says:

    Does anyone really care? I’m more concerned with him being elected as as MEP not to perturbed by a token cup of tea with the Queen and other assorted scoundrels.

    • Precisely, but the decision to withdraw his invite is just one measure of many that means the political mainstream can push to one side the reasons why people vote for them.

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