Raoul Moat has killed himself in Rothbury

Raoul Moat, the 37 year old man who has been on the run from the police for seven days after shooting his ex-girlfriend last Saturday, then murdering her new boyfriend, has killed himself near the Riverbank in Rothbury.

Terrified eyewitnesses reported that Moat had been laying down during talks with police experts, cradling a shotgun.

Moat also shot and wounded a police officer last week, pictures of which can be found here (warning: graphic photographs).

His Mother, who hasn’t seen Moat for 18 years said that:

He now has a totally different character, attitude and manner [than how she remembers him]. Now when I see him I don’t recognise him at all. He would be better off dead. If I was to make an appeal I would say he would be better dead.

After a series of sightings made in the area, Moat surfaced by the riverbank at 7.30pm last night. Police, equipped with guns and tasers, had engaged in negotiations with him throughout the night and into the early morning.

Reports emerged at about 1am that gun shots had been fired, and Moat was said to have arrived in hospital at 3am this morning.

There is speculation that Moat could have been under the noses of police in Rothbury for several days.

Evidence that Moat had been stealing food from a near by allotment raised speculation that he had been sleeping in an empty house to avoid capture.

A select few of Moat’s friends had been cornered in to assist in police efforts to negotiate with Moat. The ex-footballer Paul Gascoigne had turned up at one stage claiming to know Moat, reportedly saying:

“I didn’t come here for a publicity stunt. I was sitting in the house with nothing to do and I felt sorry for him. I got in a taxi and went to stay in a B&B.

“All I have to do is walk through the moors shouting, ‘Moaty it’s Gazza.’ Someone has given him drugs and made him like that. I’ll speak to him – I am a good friend of his. I’ve known him for years. I’d like him to talk to me one to one. If he goes to jail, I’ll go to jail and visit him a couple of times a month.”


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