Happy Birthday raincoatoptimism

I didn’t realise one year ago, when I started to do this blog, that in one years time this country would be facing one of the most important elections to evr happen, nor did I think that the party where I lay my hat will be fighting not only for dignity this election, but for their survival.

It is fair to say that Labour have not done well, and observation of what I’ve written on these pages will see that I felt a leader change ought to have happened earlier. I stand by that, and wouldn’t mind hearing that to woo the lib dens for a majority, a leader change has taken place.

It is also fair to say that no party won this election. Tories sank, lib dem hype deflated, BNP lost it all and Ukip nosedived. Perhaps the greens did well, but their soft, decaf revolution will be so insignificant we will ventually forget about the veggie Hollywood-esque liberal shanks that put them there (if wehavent already).

Nick Cohen in the year scared us into thinking labour could be destroyed if all progressive parties clubbed together, way before he plaedged his support for the official social democrat party. He was wrong, but he wasn’t far off; destruction could be seen in short if a coalition comes to fruition between the (vote) yellow and (get) blue.

But I’ve a feeling about this, Clegg isn’t so silly, and he knows that many lib dems not on the orange book path will jump ship if he goes Cam.

These are interesting times, but as I was saying; my blog is a year old- yay.


6 Responses to Happy Birthday raincoatoptimism

  1. leftoutside says:

    Happy BIrthday!

    Here’s to many more years glorious blogging!

  2. Happy birthday. An interesting year indeed!

  3. harpymarx says:

    Happy Birthday!! May there be many many more blogosphere ones to come comrade!! Keep up the good work…

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