Don’t vote for the BNP

According to a recent Guardian/ICM poll around 1% of the electorate are planning to vote for the British National Party on the May 6th 2010, which to say I think is a bad decision, is an understatement of epic proportions. Though not all of those people are going to be racists with criminal pasts, unlike many of the high ranking members of that party – which would suggest that much of this vote will be a product of disaffection with the existing system, the feeling of being ignored by the three main parties, or that the BNP vote grows in areas that have declining industries.

Take Barking and Dagenham, a place that since 1931 has been home to the Ford Motor Company. Since the 1980s there has been a decline in jobs from the large manufacturing industry and a growth in service industry jobs and smaller manufacturing units, that has attracted low-skill jobs from native and immigrant workers, to add to the existing workforce, much of which is composed of families of immigrants from the second world war period.

In spite of the fact that the white British and white other population make up around 80% in B&D, with Indian being the next ethnic category – of around 2.8% based on calculations made in 2005, and, from my own guesstimation, based on other immigration trends, that particular ethnicity would only have gone up according to offspring in the last five years, therefore not by a great deal – worry that a “flooding” has taken place is not uncommon, spoken even by well-meaning, and unracist, groups of people.

Though if I can dispel these myths, what is wrong with housing in B&D is not immigration, but rather speed. A regeneration has taken place in Barking since 2007 called the Regeneration and Renewal project in response to, among other things, growing unrest about council housing lists. It promises to deliver more housing and create more jobs.

This move can also be seen as a response both to the decline in industries such as Ford, and the premature undercutting of the manufacturing sector, most notably organised by Margaret Thatcher in a bid to cripple workers’ unions and be a service and financial sector power in Europe, as is the main task in the post-industrial West.

Thatcher was heavily influenced by Empire Prime Ministers and aspired to the dominance and posterity that they had; though the sun had set on the Empire, so Thatcher sought her dominance and posterity in market power and the rise of the so-called McJob – which, ironically, necessitated low-skilled immigrant work, in a time when Thatcher’s own government were waxing lyrical about the “rivers of blood” – sacrificing large areas dependent on the industry services. Of course, it would be one thing to move the economy on with the times, but what Thatcher created was a mass dependency on welfare for well abled workers by not having a post-industrial plan of any description (left-wingers defecting to the liberal democrats this election will do well to remember that Nick Clegg praised Thatcher’s legacy recently – and unless Clegg had a moment of madness before saying it, puts him in a way more whackier stead than his fellow Orange Book comrades).

The BNP’s, and Nick Griffin’s – their leader – promise to make B&D unattractive to foreigners really highlights their political immaturity. During his campaign for a parliamentary seat we can expect more lies about foreigner queue jumping for housing – but for those who are convinced by such statements should stop and ask why! Why would anyone feel the need to allow migrating families to jump the housing queue, it simply doesn’t make sense to do that (on this subject the BNP have had their fingers burnt before; who remembers the lie, contained in a notorious BNP leaflet called ‘Africans for Essex’, where they reported that the Government had paid African immigrants up to £50,000 to move to Barking to ensure ‘safe Labour majorities in the future’ – which is curiously the same amount the BNP plan to pay non-white people to go back to the ‘land of their ancestors‘ – when in fact the cash incentive was offered to everyone, not just immigrants, to buy houses and free up the council housing lists).

Britain faces many problems, some of which have yet to be realised yet before we’ve reached that worrying period of austerity and cutbacks, but the British National Party are not the solution, they are the problem, and are demonstrably too politically immature to understand the state of the problems in this country, let alone be trusted to solve them.

Do this country a favour, don’t vote for the BNP.

Other reasons for not voting the BNP, from other wesbites, are:

Update: why do “proud nationalist” trolls always choose to hide under a disguise – as can be seen by the comments below. But “ders” has been commented on before by other blogs if I recall (I won’t repeat the email address that this person left, but it won’t be hard to work out by these pictures below of proof that this person has made a name for themselves before on the subject of the BNP)

the site that this very popular blog links to is this one – and the comment that this person makes about “ders” can be seen below

The only Sadie in the BNP I can recall is Sadie Graham (actually no longer a member, was allegedly kicked out when her then fiancee Matt Single was kicked out)

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    Do this country a favour, And vote BNP.

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