The BNP and US Eco-Fascists

The surprising thing for me that the British National Party’s website is linked to the website of an American party called the Libertarian Nationalist Socialist Green Party – which is described as having ‘the National Socialist German Workers Party as its primary ideological inspiration, while also incorporating elements of Libertarianism and the Green movement’, aims for environmental improvement, and is influenced by things as varied as racial supremacy, anarchism and European Pagan movements – is not that the LNSGP are avowedly Nazi (their logo depicts a swastika on a green background to symbolise its so-called Eco-Fascism) which the BNP claim they are not.

What surprises me is that they are linked in spite of the differences of opinion on green policy. I was under the impression that Griffin felt debate on climate change showed the gulf between the “political elite” and “the little people who have to pay the bills” and that “nationalists” could end this so-called gulf.

For the BNP to be linked online to more Nazi’s is no surprise (examples here and here). For them to be linked to a green party (of some description), well there is a surprise.

It would seem the LNSGP are “nationalists” (though I can think of better words for them). Perhaps Griffin is just not pagan enough.


4 Responses to The BNP and US Eco-Fascists

  1. Sunny H says:

    That’s enough to make my head explode. But how are the BNP linked to them?

    • they advertise the BNP’s website on theirs, the BNP are a group “recommended exclusively by [the] author” of the text found here, chapter III [http://www [dot] nazi [dot] org/library/faq/nationalism/] and the LNSGP also hold them as true nationalists who support “racial separation” [http://www [dot] nazi [dot] org/community/columns/lindstrom/column6/]

  2. In all fairness, I should point out there is absolutely nothing to suggest that the BNP accept or support the endorsement of the LNSGP, and said endorsement doesn’t reflect on them as Nazis, especially when you consider that the Kuomintang of Taiwan and BJP of India are both mentioned in the same e-breath as they are. The BNP are certainly fascists, but this doesn’t really add anything.

    Still, it’s always good to air out the putrid environment policy of the party.

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