David Cameron #fail

  • Cameron dropped a bollock; he combined talk of caps (unnecessary if u have a sensible policy on it) with using ‘a black man’ #leadersdebate
  • there is a lot of lazy weird anecdonutal talk tonight – funny how Cam’s black chums et al prove their “points” a lot #leadersdebate
  • Our one nation donkey sounds a lot like a Victorian wally, only more dangerous. And so do his “friends” #leadersdebate
  • ‘Our guys paid back first’ Cam? Not a good place to try and score points – #LeadersDebate
  • (I Retweeted) @CathElliott

    I take it by a “predominantly elected” House of Lords, Cameron means he doesn’t intend to ditch hereditary peerages completely…

  • both trying to be chummy (where possible) with clegg also – proof enough; stick with the safe guy #leadersdebate
  • RT @Kerry4MP: #leadersdebate One to one tuition? That was in our Children Schools and Families Bill, wrecked by Tories at wash-up.> v. True

A fun night, Cameron did very badly. He didn’t so much wax lyrical as he did appear waxical…

And he was still like this for the 3 seconds that camera zoomed in on him, appearing almost like a statue, as if to silently admit: I will never be a statue, I might never even have a wax model of myself in Madame Tussauds, I must stand like a Great Leader now, for I am soon about to ruin my chances of ever being one – about now in fact.


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