My idea for Taxi Driver 2

In February Peter Bradshaw said: “Well, how about a proper sequel to Taxi Driver, 34 years on?”

Then suggested:

Jodie Foster, now a grownup, res­pectable woman with kids and maybe grand-kids, is in New York for a National Rifle Association convention and Sarah Palin Tea Party rally. She sees a young guy in her hotel lobby who reminds her of someone – perhaps it’s those ­sunglasses and the outrageous mullet hairstyle. Taking her handgun from her luggage, she sets out to rescue Travis Jr from a life of depravity. Unlikely? Well, do remember that Lars Von Trier is involved.

To which I replied in the comments thread:

Taxi Driver 2 should reveal the truth about Travis Bickle – and that is that he is part of the government, hired to assassinate a progressive candidate, and this was cryptically revealed when writing to his parents, saying he couldn’t reveal to them where he lived as he was working for the government. This is true. All that stuff he admits to the candidate in the taxi (got to get rid of the filth, doesn’t know what it is, he can just smell it), it covertly reveals the true character – which is disturbed in the process of saving the young prostitute, who then grows up to be a student at the FBI Academy. If you like, Peter, we could co-write?

I stand by that.

Peter Bradshaw did not comment further.


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