The state of the polls #GE10

This is the state of the polls at the moment:

ICM in the Guardian Conservatives: 37% (down 1 since ICM polled last week) Labour: 33% (up 4) Lib Dems: 21% (down 2) Conservative lead: 4 points (down 5)

YouGov in the Sun Conservatives: 41% (unchanged since YouGov in Sunday Times) Labour: 31% (unchanged) Lib Dems: 18% (down 1) Conservative lead: 10 points (unchanged)

Opinium in the Daily Express Conservatives: 39% (up 1 since Opinium last week) Labour: 29% (up 1) Lib Dems: 17% (down 1) Conservative lead: 10 points (unchanged)

Let us hope that intuition on who to believe remains


2 Responses to The state of the polls #GE10

  1. harpymarx says:

    Predictions then? A work colleague thinks that Labour will win but with a slim majority but I still think it will be a hung parliament (must try and stop that Class War image lurking inside my brain!). A month is a long time in politics, and the Tories have squandered their massive poll lead…thankfully. But who knows, it is hard to call at the moment.

    • I really don’t know anymore – I was so sure before but hmmmmm. I’m closer to your opinion, though I think it will be bad – perhaps a little worse than a Tory majority in the long term because it won’t provide the room for a possible radicalisation or leftwards shift at all.

      Judging by the polls your right it is hard to say – well see in a few weeks time what it looks like.

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