My reply on ObamaCare

Walter Hade has written a blog entry on ObamaCare recently at Associated Content (by all accounts, the people’s media company) – I tried to leave a comment, but failed (who knows) so I leave my comments below:

Walter, thank you for pointing out your blog entry to me on twitter yesterday – very interesting. I’m not entirey deterred by people still opposing it – after all, I’ve seen the images of people saying Obama is a commie and all this nonsense about death panels – people can be wrong, and never have they been more wrong to oppose national health reform.

However I see a shortfall in Obama’s new reforms precisely because they are not reforms (see my entry from 2 days ago) – at least, not in the way that would benefit those 50 million Americans who are uninsured, and the further 20 million who are underinsured, or the unquantifiable number of people who refuse treatment on account of financial outgoings and so on. For this reason, and many more, Obama is not evil (communist, or on a panel deciding deaths willy nilly) but rather a failure; he has failed to beat the insurance companies (the real benefactors of the “reform”) and I only hope this is the second hurdle (the first being when the reform failed in the house before) – the third being the path to universal health reform, which would counter the 50,000 + people who die every year of preventable diseases.


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