Orwell Prize Awards bloggers longlist

One thousand nine hundred and eighty-four claps for these impressive bloggers, may they lead the way to a blogospheric second coming.
David Osler               Dave’s Part (www.davidosler.com)
David Smith                  Letter from Africa (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/series/david-smiths-letter-from-africa)
Gideon Rachman          rachmanblog (http://blogs.ft.com/rachmanblog/)
Hopi Sen                      Hopi Sen (http://hopisen.wordpress.com)
Iain Dale                       Iain Dale’s Diary (http://iaindale.blogspot.com)
Jack of Kent                  Jack of Kent (http://jackofkent.blogspot.com/)
Laurie Penny                Penny Red and others (http://pennyred.blogspot.com)
Madam Miaow              Madam Miaow Says (http://madammiaow.blogspot.com/)
Mary Beard                   A Don’s Life (http://timesonline.typepad.com/dons_life/)
Morus                          PoliticalBetting.com; Daily Kos (http://politicalbetting.com; http://www.dailykos.com)
PC Ellie Bloggs              A Twenty-First Century Police Officer (http://pcbloggs.blogspot.com)
ray                               The Bad Old Days Will End (http://thebadolddayswillend.blogspot.com)
Tim Marshall                 Foreign Matters (http://blogs.news.sky.com/foreignmatters)
Winston Smith             Working with the Underclass (http://winstonsmith33.blogspot.com)
My particular congratulations for Mr Osler, Hopi, Laurie and Allen – you do provide good reads.
Onwards does the blogosphere march…

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