A Message

Guest Post – Poet Parapet

For some time now I have been wondering who I would prefer to see

undo in parliament the existing mess in politics today. The Tories may

carry with them plans for ownership reform, co-ops, the abolition of the

king (well, maybe not that one) but I know deep down this stuff of

Yesteryear was the stomping ground of the Labour party. To become an

option in our hearts and minds, the Tories have had to swing something

unbelievable to the rhetorical left – and that should appease us, but no.

The problem is just that, it’s rhetoric, the old players are still there,

odiously complaining about us commoners, while the new ones smell

retribution – praise for their apparent “nasty-party” disavowal, when

in actual fact what counts as progressive is actually more of the same in

every vain attempt at shedding skin, we see more of the same; same

shit, with a different triple barrelled troglodyte saying it.


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