Nice blogs 09/02/10

Instead of being productive and while nursing an unceasing hangover I’ve been reading:

Michael Ezra’s take on the Westminster Skeptics piss-up last night

Mostly agreeing with the Pied Typer on market research

Interested in Dave’s article on Sikh daggers, but also the comments thread on this one

A re-read of Left Outside’s classic post on the the logic and lunacy of Kim Jong-il

Watching for the first time the two Israeli men chanting Hitler was right (in horror)

The first post of a care leaver, who writes in a way that draws you in to his (not all good) experiences in the care system

Good times.


6 Responses to Nice blogs 09/02/10

  1. leftoutside says:

    Classic post! Thanks a lot.

    The Pied Typer is hopefully going to be casting some more insight on market research/propaganda in the future so look out for that. And he has an awesome name.

    I read most of your stuff in Feed Demon so I hadn’t noticed the reredesign. Really really like it.

    • Thank you very much.

      It is a fab name.

      Yeah I quite like it myself, and now I feel like I can really call myself a Kilburn-ite. Have you read any of the stuff re the westminster skeptics meet last night, or perhaps you were there in secret (although I think i’d recognise Jon Snow – I won’t let this go hehe). I had the pleasure of meeting Thomas Byrne, who in real life is a good chap, but obviously on the web he is a liberterrorist heh

      • leftoutside says:

        I didn’t get to go. I’ve been having a funny old two weeks.

        There’s a lot of bloggers I’d love to meet and that Westminster’s Skeptics thing sounded awesome, pity I missed it… Too busy making Channel 4 News… gah! I mean working in customer service!

      • ok, so there is a westminster’s skeptics thing next month, are you willing to come and be outed?

      • leftoutside says:

        Really? What’s the dates? I could be outed, I don’t value you my anonymity too much.

      • Well I was talking to Jack of Kent and he told me they would meet every month – I’m not entirely sure whether that is just london. This is the next one here but it doesn’t say where. If you’re on facebook you can join their group and then receive infomation on events – I think, I’m new to that group.

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