What the fuck happens to them

What happens when you’re PM?

Our existing Prime Minister seems to have aged 100 years while in office, and the one before that 200 years (John Major was always old, sadly Thatcher was born without a face so this is harder to observe). See for yourself:

Happy as Larry, riding a bike in Amsterdam, probably off his tits on legal drugs, and not a grey hair to be seen (even doing his best Zapatero – Spanish PM – impression). Compare this to:

Stern, grey, having probably just clocked on that he and his wife (Betty Boop) paid £3.6 million for a house that cost artist and previous owner Roger Bevan(ite?) £950,000. Oh, and a war.

Now observe Brown back when him and Blair were in discussions about ‘carving up’ the leadership in an Islington restaurant by the name of Granita:

Now look at him:

Grey day. Judging by this Dave Cameron’s chiseled good looks will disappear and he will look more like a pasty, a toff pasty who surrounds himself with Eton-ites.

So what happens in there? Don’t know! Does it happen in the happiest country in the world?

Apparently that is Denmark, so lets do a similar thing with their last two PM’s (not the existing one, as he has only been in office since April last year – too soon):

Handsome, tasty etc, but let us compare with his 2001 image – 8 years after the start of his Prime Ministerial career:

Oh, still really rather delicious.

And the centre-right chap, Anders, who took his place in 2001:

And a 2009 photograph:

Much the same.

I’ve a book idea for Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett: The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Produce Hot Looking Men Way Into Their Old Age, Known Otherwise as Silver Foxes.

Until next christmas, goodbye.


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