What of this Myleene Klass war?

Wait for it…I think Cameron was right to criticise the decision today about the intruders into Myleene Klass‘ backgarden. And I’ll tag along with the pun, this should not be a Klass war (ah ha ha) but some all-party convergence is needed.

I tell you – and this is no exaggeration – anyone who has read Ian McKewan’s Saturday (everyone has a story, only mine is fictional – and then not mine) will surely be uncomfortable with the decision to prosecute someone who has beaten up an intruder, after that person has tied up family members. It’d be wrong to input emotionally charged literary criticism in the frame, but the scene in the book where the doctors’ pregnant daughter is made to strip is enough to make one crawl, and the actions that the doctor and his son then take seem perfectly justified. If the police could have such an omnipresence (actually, I withdraw this statement); or at least, it’s a pity that issues aren’t always so clear.

Investigations are there for a purpose, and can quite often get to the bottom of things, but it seems from here that self-defence in the home – though hard to police, obviously – seems reasonable, often life-saving.

I’ve not gone all law and order  – and I’m always terribly sceptical about what this means in the context of the Conservative party. But this another one of those problems (like assisted suicide – see blog entry from a few days ago) where a little judicial lying might be fitting. As with assisted suicide I’m sure it already happens, where the jury recognise in a crime elements of necessity, and judge accordingly. Here is no different, anyone who tackles an intruder, and not someone who has been malicious intentionally, should be allowed to pass, but not without a thorough investigation. Another twist on what Plato called the noble lie – where in order for a society to function properly without disturbances, a certain people (for Plato an elite, whereas for me the people are a kind of authority of the state apparatus) must wink and nudge certain cases through court, so as not to criminalise people who – though have done wrong – have been put in that position by the criminal-turned-victim.

I don’t think Cameron is thinking this, which leads me to wonder how exactly he will operate his “common sense” law and order policies – what a load of shit title that is. The Labour party should, as part of their Go fourth campaign, employ a number of measures that strike a chord with political realists who see no easy answers to these types of problems.

Lastly, lets not get this confused with weapon control, where knives are a utility and should – where possible – only be used according to utility function, personal guns serve only to harm others and are therefore a different case. The fact that pro-gun ownership in the states almost always appeals to the fifth amendment demonstrates a high level of unthinking subservience to a set of fallible laws that they like only when it suits them.


3 Responses to What of this Myleene Klass war?

  1. HarpyMarx says:

    This does concern me re self-defence and intruders as it reminds me of the the right-wing press and their cause célèbre, Tony Martin. The man who shot one of the intruders in the back as he was fleeing (and the emphasis should be ‘as he was fleeing). I will comment again as need to get thoughts in order but good and interesting post btw.

    • It is very worrying, and not something that is black and white, targeted judicial review of any situation like this must be of a high standard. Your emphasis on ‘fleeing’ is crucial in this context, and for me swerves my opinion on the whole matter.

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