The strangeness of Geoff Hoon

1. Back in time, Hoon claimed expenses on third home, rented and flipped, all coming out about the time of the expenses scandal.

2. On knowledge of this, Brown made the choice not to come down hard on Hoon, but instead scorn Blears, whose expenses were not so dissimilar.

3. Not long after, Hoon resigned as transport secretary citing family reasons, the reason why Ruth Kelly resigned as transport secretary. Before Hoon, as well, John Hutton stepped down as defence secretary citing family reasons.

4. Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt sent this letter to the Parliamentary Labour Party, calling for a secret ballot on the Brown leadership.

5. Discussions abound on who scooped.

6. Why does this all look so strange to me.


2 Responses to The strangeness of Geoff Hoon

  1. harpymarx says:

    Thanks for the link comrade.

    It is just personal gripes from Hewitt and Hoon. They aren’t proposing anything significantly different and the other thing, why speak out now? it is has given a boost to Cameron. But it just looks just so petty and pathetic. And Hoon, spineless over Iraq!

    • Well for better of for worse, no one was impressed by it all, it went pear shaped. The double-edged sword is that front benchers won’t tag along with anything that’ll implode, yet without their input implosion is the only answer.

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