Reasons to be cheerful

Warning: This will be of limited interest to most and does include some idolatry

In an essay I published with the International Journal of Zizek Studies this year, I mentioned plans by an Iranian car manufacturer to market cars based specifically for women. I said:

another event that caught my eye recently on the matter of Iranian plans for
a car designed specially for a woman. The car producer Iran Khodro have made
plans for the vehicles to be feminine in colour, will feature aids to make parking more
efficient and a jack for easier removal of tyres. For this explicit turn of ideology one is
tempted to be outraged at the sexism and patronisation such plans demand from the
western liberal subject. But this subject is offended only by the explicit ideology, not
the car itself for which such designs are already in existence in the western capitalist
world. What is most unpalatable about the plan is the honesty, where western
capitalism would conceal this sort of dogma under the illusion of a totally free choice.

It just so happens that Zizek himself had as his twitter status on the 2nd of November (which, yes, I follow):

Have you heard about an Iranian company’s plan to market a car specifically for women? Volkswagon’s dream has been stolen away from them.

Could it be possible that I myself have informed Zizek of this? I really rather hope so…


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