David What a Mess

The story that made me the happiest today was news that David Amess, Conservative MP for Southend West, told staff at Heathrow Airport that Osama Bin Laden had packed his bags for his Virgin Atlantic flight, shortly before throwing up in front of them, and then writing a letter of complaint to them.

Apparently he wasn’t even pissed up, which is lucky since this would constitute irresponsible drinking, an apparent hot potato for our favourite anti-abortion, friend of Israel.

But what, if not booze, made him throw up? Perhaps too much Cake? Video evidence for his dubious paranoia over the subject can be seen here (skip until 02.50).

Here is a picture of Amess in a cake shop in Leigh-on-Sea (via here)


David Amess with Juliette, proprietor of  Leigh cake shop Fancy Nancy

Need I say more?


3 Responses to David What a Mess

  1. Julian Ware-Lane says:

    He really is a silly-billy.

  2. Robert says:

    I once met him he asked me are you really disabled, I said nope I sit in this for comfort, he smiled and said you’d be surprised how many people use wheelchairs who have no noticeable disability. yes those pesky frauds.

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