The New Conservatives: More of the same

Following the callousness with which Phillip Hammond dealt the issue of interns not so long ago when saying;

“I would regard it as an abuse of taxpayer funding to pay for something that is available for nothing and which other members are obtaining for nothing […] I therefore have no intention of changing my present arrangements.”

Conservatives in Nottingham South have at least let interns down gently. Their latest advert is as follows;

21375/Volunteer Political Intern, for Dr Rowena Holland, PPC for Nottingham South
Salary: We regret that we cannot offer any salary or travel expenses.
Posted on 25 August 09, closes on 02 October 09

The difference is in the language. Where Hammond bemoaned even the mere thought of doing something different from his colleagues and adversaries that might make internships open to more than just those who can afford to spend up to 9 months unpaid, Dr Rowena Holland at least had the decency to forge an apology.

Actually, this kind of characterises the sea change in the Conservative party rather nicely; new (compassionate conservative) face, regrets, hugs etc, though, more of the same underneath.