So, whats been happening…

I’m back from my days in Galicia and Asturias, no pens, no laptop, no newspapers, and just a girlfriend, Martin Amis’ Money and Ian McEwan’s Saturday to keep me company, lovely.

And yesterday I read the news of the past 10 days all at once; The Observer is in trouble and could be binned (where we going to read Rawnsley, Cohen and Mitchell altogether?); Mikhail Saakashvii believes Putin wants to kill him, possibly through destroying social networking sites and South Ossetia supporting bloggers (war really is not war anymore [hat-tip Jean Baudrilliard); Miliband wants the UK to adopt US style primaries (because the party is more popular than the candidate? This was not the case in Norwich North, are we asleep?); 120 Labour MPs are to stand down before the election call (because of that fee that cannot be claimed once the election is called. And being in opposition is not financially propserous. I almost fell off my chair when I read in the Observer that an unnamed Labour MP had said “I’m off. You can’t earn a decent living here any more […] It is not somewhere I want to be. I want to earn some money”. Good riddance. Does anybody know who it may be?)

Tories are now led by, not only a former fascist, but one who is now backing the Lisbon Treaty (what a little story ha ha! William Hague wasn’t lying when he said Kaminski was a reformer); Obama is being likened to Hitler and Stalin for his health reforms, some calling it philosophically wrong, some more established names going a little further (I suppose the lottery of the invisable hand is a much fairer way to exclude the poor from having healthcare); and Labour bloggers are all fleeing (nonsense, of the highest order!).

Stephen Hester, chief exec of RBS has said “There are encouraging signs … but I think it will take many years for the imbalances that got us into this position to be corrected”, and John Varley, chief exec of Barclays has said economy will “grow again in 2010”. Though Nick Cohen reminds us of 1929 in the US. With that crash, in spite of Hoover’s reply to a delegation of bishops and bankers concerned about unemployment that they came too late for depression was over, stability didn’t arrive until 1937.

And to top it off, James Lovelock has given us a final warning of the the destruction of the earth and of Gaia. Although he does bring “good” news for some; “lifeboat” countries such as Japan, NZ, Tasmania, Hawaii “perhaps” and Britain will be alright.

So perhaps I could’ve done without reading the paper. But I did for a moment forget how unpopular Labour are at the moment, so under every cloud…


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