Osborne’s silence “speaks for itself”?

Did anybody see this in the Indy;

In an interview with The Independent on Sunday, Mr Osborne refused to repeat Mr Coulson’s denial. And in remarks which could trigger speculation that the Tory leadership could pull support from Mr Coulson if his story evaporates, Mr Osborne referred to his colleague in the past tense. Asked whether Mr Coulson had denied to him at the time any knowledge of phone-tapping, Mr Osborne said: “I’m not going to go into my private conversations with Andy Coulson, but I will say this – I think he’s been an absolutely excellent communications director for the Conservative Party. I think he’s conducted himself in that job in an entirely proper and correct way.

or even Chris Barnyard’s reminder the next day;

Yesterday the Independent on Sunday reported that shadow chancellor George Osborne refused to repeat Coulson’s denial he knew of the pay-offs.

I did. But I didn’t hear diddly-squat about it on the popular Tory blogs. How curious.

Osborne also noted how with police having no new evidence, Coulson’s innocence spoke for itself. But one thing is for sure, Osborne’s refusal to repeat Coulson’s denial speaks for itself also; he’s covering his own back just in case (is he not convinced that Coulson’s innocence speaks for itself?)

Dale and Guido (though on holiday at Chateau Fawkes) both revisited stories on McBride rather than speculate on Osborne or the Tories’ own McBride moment, while Dizzy took to talking about a strange friend he has.

Will be interesting to see whats written about Osborne during and after the committee’s hearing today with Coulson – will he be vindicated or will the shadow chancellor be accused of cowardice?


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