Rabbi’s call on Tories a vain effort

Rabbi Barry Marcus, of the Central Synagogue in London, who has pointed out the antisemitism of Michal Kaminski, the Law and Justice party member, now leader of the European Conservative and Reformist Group (ECR) – to which 25 Tory MEPs are members – has called for Tories to distance themselves from their leader and his colleagues in Europe.

But wasn’t the conflict Edward McMillan-Scott caused by running for the vice-presidency of the European Parliament, what lost the Tories a place as leader of the new fringe grouping? Probably what the Rabbi should be asking is what the Tories thought would happen when they stood beside the “cranks” in the European parliament. We wouldn’t ask Kim Jong Il to kindly stop being antagonistic towards South Korea or America, because this is the very fibre of his being – we should just make sure we have our allegiances elsewhere. Should we not be reminding Rabbi Barry Marcus of this logic? If this is who the Tories want to group with, then maybe the Tories aren’t for him.