Are the Tories embarrassed?

It has been revealed that Michal Kaminski of the racist and homophobic Law and Justice Party, now leader of the European grouping that the Tories left the EPP to join, was a supporter of General Pincohet, Chilean dictator responsible for many deaths and thousands of torture victims from leftist parties, who himself practiced hardcore free-marketeering by the sword.

A Foreign Policy blog has entitled one of its entries as British Tories embarrassed in EU Parliament. Much like my own title yesterday, but it suggests that news of Kaminski’s past might cause discomfort in the UK Tory party. I disagree. The Tories have the very same past, for Maggie Thatcher was a very keen fan of Pinochet.

She called Pinochet a friend of Britain during the Fawklands war, and sighed, despairingly, at “His reward from this [Labour] Government was to be held prisoner for 16 months.”

I almost felt sorry for Edward McMillan-Scott yesterday, fighting his corner for new Toryism, but the Tories have always had unpalatable politics in their shadow – such as Pinochet support.

I suggest, contrary to Foreign Policy reportage, that this is less an embarrassment for the Tories, and more of the same ol’ Conservatives rearing its ugly head(s)!! We can only expect more of this, especially in Europe.


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