Tories now embarrassingly led by bigots in Europe

The newly composed group of anti-federalists in Europe, which the Conservatives abandoned the European Peoples Party (EPP) to join – despite the influence of the latter grouping composed of top European conservatives – is now to be led by Polish MEP Michal Kaminski of the Law and Justice Party.

Edward McMillan-Scott, who rightly accused the party of being ‘racist and homophobic’, caused an embarrassing political row after standing against Kaminski for leadership, causing Timothy Kirkhope, the Tory leader in the chamber in Strasbourg, to surrender the leadership battle.

Recently there were great debates over who was more gay friendly, the Tories or Labour, and David Cameron apologised about section 28, but as Nick Clegg recently pondered (on LabourList: Where Labour Minded People [and the Liberal Democrat leader, clearly] Come Together) “while the Conservatives try to appear gay-friendly in the UK, they [are now led in Europe by] bigots who have banned gay marches and declared homosexuality a pathology.”


3 Responses to Tories now embarrassingly led by bigots in Europe

  1. I think that’s a pretty fitting person to lead the Tories.

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