Moving on up

As my first tweet will tell you, after ages of trying to avoid the damn thing, I have tonight finally signed up to Twitter after reading that it helped produce traffic on Left Outside‘s blog. I’m hoping with enough pointless bites of 140-character drivel, I, too, can exploit the traffic erection that is Twitter. And if you’re reading, fucking well sign up because I’ve no idea what I’m doing.

Go on then…


6 Responses to Moving on up

  1. The Cynic says:

    Sign up to twitterfeed and that will automatically add your content to Twitter, just google it 🙂

  2. It’s good to know I’m not alone in signing up for twitter for the sole reason to direct traffic to my blog!

    • There is only a little bit of shame in it, and besides, in a sort of Donald Rumsfield-esque ‘known unknowns’ kind of way, twitter is the thing I don’t want to want to do, so at least I only lack self-will and am not just a plain nerd, eh’?

  3. leftoutside says:

    I don’t like that Twitterfeed, I prefer to add them myself, sometimes you want to #tag a post or direct it to someone else.

    For example, if you’ve written it in response to a certain post somewhere else.

    Either way, more people read what you write, which is the point really. Make an impact, I’m glad I’ve made a very small one on you (even if twitter is now “Morgan Stanley stamped” rubbish)

    • I shall bear this in mind too about #tagging posts. I just read about that 15-year-old intern, shouldn’t he really be at school kissing girls, making them cry etc etc, not working at Morgan Stanley, allowing a child to avoid a childhood is akin to abuse. I’m 23 and still in the throes of kiddiedom!

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