Nick Griffin is insane

A report drawn up by Equality and Human Rights Commission has confirmed that social housing does not favour migrants, a hot issue for the British National Party, and something that undoubtedly won them some favour by those who feel alienated and were drawn in by the lies purported by the far right.

Perhaps its going too far to suggest that these results will hurt the party, since its now clear that their policies were based on pure speculation and dubious figures given by supposedly non-partisan organisations such as migrantwatch (who haven’t said a word about these new reports yet).

But certainly some official statistics on the questions will have an impact.

If figures by an organisation like the EHRC – that are in the establishment so to speakdon’t do anything to win round those people who feel let down by the system and seek solace in fascists saying things that sound like they might be true on a bad day, then maybe reaction to Nick Griffin’s insane comments today will.

Nick Griffin, on the subject of Italy’s borders told BBC Parliament’s The Record Europe that sooner or later the only way to send migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa the message (that Griffin and his ilk don’t want them) is to sink the boats they’re on (oh, but its OK because he doesn’t support murdering them, he’ll throw “them a life raft [so] they can go back to Libya”).

He also said that Europe will have to close its borders sooner or later (remember he wants them closed now) or else the union will become the third world. If housing is anything to go by (pretty good thing to go by, to be honest) then “swamping” is not exactly imminent.


4 Responses to Nick Griffin is insane

  1. Robert says:

    It is right but we knew that Immigrants from outside of the EU do not take council housing, because they tend to go into rented housing owned bought by other Asians. it;s poor it’s shitty it’s rubbish because as we know most Asians live in area with other Asians .

    But I know for a fact and I do not care what some bunch of people say that Polish people coming here with families who lived in tents and shanty towns, were houses as emergency. leaving long standing people on waiting list fuming.

    • “we knew that Immigrants (sic) from outside of the EU do not take council housing” – who is we? Because I can tell you that the “we” is not anyone who takes an unpalatable perspective on immigration, like the BNP who as part of their campaign material regularly stir up tensions by suggesting that migrants ‘jump the queue’ for social housing.

      And lets say you’re right, that foreigners tend to go into rented accommodation, here we have an issue with the unaccountability of rented accommodation, and I couldn’t agree more with how problematic this can be – still that was Thatcher’s plan, selling off council housing (oh yes, I’ve committed that sin of blaming Thatcher ha ha!).

  2. John says:

    If multiculturalism is so great come and live in any inner city borough then tell me the BNP are not right. It is more than apparent that those who are most opposed to the BNP have no idea what the consequences of multiculturalism really are. If you think it is so wonderful then live in Peckham and send your kids to the local comprehensive. They will love the vibrancy and diversity they get. Don’t preach multiculturalism from your gated suburban white communities!

    De-brainwashing for the Liberal Elitists-

    • If you’re directing your comment at me personally then I should tell you that I live in multicultural Essex and will soon be moving back to multicultural London. I don’t live in a gated white suburban community, and I have no children. But if you’re not directing at me, then who are you directing your comment at, certainly nobody else on this comments page and not the article itself, which makes the manner with which you style your comment rather curious.

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