Brown versus Osborne on the economy (, stupid!)

Andrew Rawnsley, in his Observer article, retold an overheard quip made by a proud George Osborne that he spends only 40% of his time on the economy (rather a lot, my guess would’ve been 10%). Since his other responsibility is general election co-ordinator, his above figure implies most of his time is spent on the latter job (and, as Rawnsley points out, considers it more important). On the flipside, Gordon Brown who is the prime minister, almost definately spends most of his time with numbers. He should’ve stuck with it methinks…


3 Responses to Brown versus Osborne on the economy (, stupid!)

  1. michael says:

    Gordon Brown has proved on almost every measure that he has failed to govern the UK.
    How can New Labour fight an election based on what Cameron ‘might do’ when Brown has proved without dispute that he unable to govern the UK and has put us into recession and given us years of high taxes and reduced services to pay back the debts!

    • Funny you say that because on the international stage Brown is seen as an economic warrior, keeping the recession at bay. From my own perspective, what Brown can do is gage with ideas circulating from the party that want cuts, and instead of drawing shed loads from the public purse, or cutting the jugular of the public services, have a radical reallocation process where services such as schools and transport can put money back into a central pot so to speak, and services that are struggling are allocated that money, without putting into jeopardy the yearly budget of either service. I’ve written about this before here. When I was working in a school, one year it needed less money than it needed, but didn’t contact anyone because the school knew that next year it would need that money, and were worried that by informing the local authorities, they would put into jeopardy receiving that amount. That’s not what the Tories want to do, and it used to be an idea considered by Ed Balls, so I think Brown’s only fault here is by being won over by the cut-centric. He didn’t put us into recession, and with considered work, he can take us out of it, not with cuts – the route of the Tories.

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