Tatchel has his logic all wrong

I’m afraid I’m going to have to do disagree with ol’ Mr. Tatchel on his statement that gay pride has ‘depoliticised‘. For me, this spells an end to backfoot identity politics, by which I mean, all elements of identity politics emerge out of a position of vulnerability. Its easy to forget sometimes that identity politics is a mere means to an end, they are not meant to be a given attitude. The depoliticisation means that, at least in this country, a need for a separate identity on the grounds that gays were officially looked upon with scourn has ended. For those ‘veterans’ that Tatchel speaks of have won, and this is made testamony by the fact that gay pride has turned into, not a strategy of acceptance (in an official context), but a day of Dionysian swing.

Two points of fact remain that I pay credence to; issues regarding the ethical treatment and acceptance of homosexuality still prevail, and we know that the British government summerily deport homosexual political asylum seekers, such as was once the fate of Pegah Emambakhsh, who now, fortunately, due to a lot of petitioning, will stay in Britian and not have to endure persecution for her sexuality.

These things must be, and as it seems by Pegah Emambakhsh’s fate, has been, addressed. But I’m afraid to say that as far as I can see, it is prosperous for some individuals to maintain a notion of official vulnerability, or play up the need for a gay identity in the face of homophobia. Such a resistance, as I see it, is not necessary anymore in Britain (again, in an official context, and the reason I keep saying this is, homophobia on the streets, or in the media, does not amount to the same as a governmentally sanctioned homophobia, which is usually the backdrop of the need of identity politics).

Such an indiviual I consider to be Peter Tatchel. For all the good work he has done over the world to combat homophobia, there is time to drop the need for identity based entirely on protest, when the conditions for that protest have been met. And for these reasons, the veterans, that Taatchel believes have been let down today, have in actual fact been ratified, gloriously.


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