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This is what remains of NightJack’s blog. Did he have a right to override confidentiality as a civil servant, or was his blog an expression of a free press, freedom to write to a willing audience, and in the name of decency and information?

Will his blog entries be archived somewhere? Maybe someone has them.

In looking for information regarding this I entered into a Legal Banter forum. The two entries read as follows (it was quite clear to me after reading that I was getting nowhere, and fast);

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Default ‘nightjack’ blog blogger has been disallowed anonymity blog has beenremoved

where is it … anyone know? got it archived?

it’s not even on wayback machine the internet archive

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Default ‘nightjack’ blog blogger has been disallowed anonymity blog has been removed

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where is it … anyone know? got it archived?

it’s not even on wayback machine the internet archive

What was it


An open, twitter-esque, blog entry for Mr. Darling

You don’t have to be mad to be an MP and as such it should be thoroughly frowned upon but if you are, you certainly shouldn’t lose your seat. Here here Mr. Darling.

(And I promised not to be as crass as that no good Paul Staines).

But Mr. Darling, when the opposition favour spending cuts, and half of our government, including yourself by proxy, do too, madness is the character of our times.

Unemployment numbers have risen to 2.261 million so reports the Guardian today, and you failed to back Ed Balls, the man who your boss wants your job to go to, when he supported more spending in health and education. The areas where it really hurts the Tories.

It doesn’t add up at all, with regards to, not just your predictions that the economy will heal, but, Paul Krugman’s judgement that our economy is on the mend.

At best, the job void is filled by unskilled labour, at best it fails to capitalise on an area where the opposition is at its knees, and our party will be forced to scrap its current working mantra: Labour investment versus Tory cuts.

Toby Helm, blogging on today’s Guardian, on the topic of today’s PMQ’s said;

“At successive general elections since 1997, Brown has had one overriding message that has worked pretty well: that the Tories will cut spending on key services while Labour will invest more in health and education in real terms.

Your NHS, your kids’ school etc … all better under Labour.”

Cameron, according to Helm, is already attempting to hone in on Labour’s policy on spending, so it is time for Brown to save his legacy (even as Chancellor) and refrain from cuts. I’d even go as far as to say he should facilitate plans to refrain from cuts and engage with Balls’ figures.

In order to save his legacy of avoiding cuts, he needs to cut you, Mr. Darling, out.