Coincidence? Yes probably…

I just so happened to be reading an old article on Pickled Politics about the BNP European election leaflets when I was referred by a comment below the article to two Daily Mail articles criticising the party.

When I looked at the comments section of one of the articles I realised the number was rather worrying;

Just for fun


Are those old criticisms of Tories for us?

I’ve just read Mark Steel’s latest article for the Indy and it is pretty blunt:

“Back then [in 1983], although the election was a disaster, the Labour Party had active branches in every area, with thousands of young members bursting with ideas of why they wanted to run local councils or the country. Now the branches barely exist, debate has been eliminated, and all that’s left are careerists frightened of losing their careers.”

This would have been my Grandad’s argument against the Tories once upon a time (and it still could be, were it not that his party are career politicians now too).

A friend of mine from school – who has Conservative listed as his political views – today had as his status;

felt really sorry for this old fella i see out today , 78 years old and delivering take away leaflets to earn a few extra quid cos his pension is worth nothing and he is getting fucked over by this labour government .. what a way to treat the old ! poor old sod : (

Again, once upon a time pensions, welfare, and regard for the elderly were fodder for Tory criticism. Now Tories use it against us. And is it fair game? Perhaps exaggerated, but the Labour Party needs a sea change – and soon.

The Greens and the LibDems as a “protest vote” has gradually turned into a Green Party or LibDem lament of Labour’s social-democratic past. Is not the possibility of their coalition – a perceived snub at New Labour and the rightwards shift – testamant to this?

I said before the European elections that poor results for Labour would result in a shift to the left, and this was vital since such a shift was inevitable, and should not wait – hands behind backs – until a general election disaster.

Royal Mail is a good start. The part sell-off plans have been postponed for now, but this is clearly not enough, the plans should be scrapped and Mandy should be apologetic for even considering its untapped capital potential.

Just off the top of my head, the scrapping of tuition fees should be next, shortly followed by making a damn big fuss about how the whole thing was a massive mistake on the campuses of British universities.

Then what will follow, we can discuss another time.

It might not phase Labour activists much that a former swappy like Mark Steel is pouring scorn on them (I heard that Steel only left the Socialist Worker’s Party after they refused to be present for his comedy shows anyway), but it must certainly be embarrassing to hear the criticism’s their Grandfather’s probably directed at the Tories once upon a time, be used quite convincingly at them.