The Tories and the Fascists

Conservative Party chairman Eric Pickles mentioned on the BBC’s European election night show that though the Conservative’s had opted out of the EPP, they were not preparing for any new direction to suit their new allies, the likes of Poland’s Law and Justice Party and all those other “cranks”.

He mentioned that the European grouping in which Labour are positioned – Party of European Socialists –  has some unpalatable characters, but this does not mean in any way that the Labour Party will do anything to flirt with them (he said this in fewer words).

But, oh look! Daniel Hannan, Conservative MEP for South East England, has been flirting with the right wing Spanish party Alternativa Española, a party that has openly Nazi and xenophobic members, and is led by Blas Piñar, a leading apologist for former dictator Francisco Franco.

Hannan, also a blogger for the Telegraph, had been in Spain before the European elections calling for Britons living in the country to vote for Alternativa Española.

(see the article, here)

Quizzed over the party and its links to the “Vienna Declaration” that aimed to bring together extreme rightwing parties from across Europe in 2005, Hannan pleaded ignorance, saying “If that is true, it is deeply alarming and of course we shouldn’t have anything to do with them.”

But in spite of justification and apologies by the Tories over their strategic move to the non-attached in Europe (made by Cameron before the European elections), it seems that direction in the pockets of the “cranks” may well be inevitable (and if not inevitable, in the case of Hannan, openly sought after).


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