That Labour unrest begins now

Hazel Blears, the second stand down shocker in 24 hours, leaves avowed articles in the Guardian reading: ‘Gordon Brown hangs on, for now’ and ‘Can he survive?’

Iain Dale has an exclusive on his blog saying that John Reid told Brown he should resign, quoting how the interview might have went as;

“Brown: Will you be my Home Secretary?
Reid: No
Brown: You have to support me.
Reid: No I don’t. I have to support my country and my party, and that means you have to stand down.”

But even more worrying for Brown is the 100 reported MP’s who have drafted an email calling on Brown’s resignation, but the article continues;

“Under party rules, 70 of Labour’s 350 MPs are needed to mount a leadership challenge to an incumbent.

The email states that its ringleaders will not publish a list of names until it reaches 50 in number, but they hope to secure “significantly more”.”

And the last thing tonight that won’t make good reading for Brown is the question;

“6. Is there any evidence that a new leader would improve Labour’s election prospects?

Recent polls suggest no potential Labour leader will have much more success than Gordon Brown in turning round Labour’s fortunes. But never underestimate the novelty factor.”

This bit of hard truth tells us that the very minimum of chance of a fourth term requires leadership  change.

Ignoring calls, as Brown did, to stand down might be the final chapter of a series of defeats for our PM.