Top 4 anti-BNP voices

Number 4: Jesus

Amid the claims that extreme ethno-nationalism at best, the tail-end of bitter, twisted, decidedly un-British neo-nazism at worst, and ‘Christian Values’ go hand in hand, Michael Nazir-Ali reminds Telegraph readers that those claims are false, and actually Jesus

“would include all in the embrace of his Father’s love, and so change them that they begin to live for others, to meet the needs of strangers and to work for a just and compassionate society.”

And not once did Jesus mention The Christian Party during the Sermon on the Mount, with their crazy smiles posted on billboards all around London, and their opposition to referring to women as Ms (yep, look it up).

Number 3: Pete Doherty

By all accounts, his contribution to the cause was to call the BNP ‘racist c*nts’ at his gig in Stoke. Fair play.

Number 2: Zak Dingle

I’d never heard of him before I caught a glimpse of this video he made in order to steer people away from voting for the far-right nutcases (apparently he’s from Emmerdale – no relation to Iain).

Number 1: A BNP candidate

Corinne Tovey-Jones who is standing in the Nunnery Divison in Worcestershire for the BNP was outraged to find that racist material had been added – without her say so – to her campaign literature. Apparently her husband is Italian, so “how”, she asks, “can she be a racist”? Yes, I must say even I’m stumped…


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