I’m a celebrity, vote me in here

Safe, as Cameron is, in the knowledge that anything he says he can do, and that Labour cannot do, will be bought and consumed like a hot-dog on Tottenham court Road, Friday night, way after the tube has finished and you’ve got to walk all the way home to Kilburn because the buses have been taken off the road due to the unprecedented amount of bikes blocking Edgware Road.

So safe in fact that Cameron will wax lyrical on the very thing that people want to hear, that also characterises the very thing the Tories are not in touch with: People Power (just observe the noticeable omission of proportional representation).

As Tamasin Cave has said today

“Only six years after a national poll found that over half of us felt we had “no say over what government does”, he’s today calling for “the redistribution of power from the powerful to the powerless”.”

But so far Cameron’s call has only seen Tory celebrities and hacks go to stand against disgraced Tory MP’s, that list so far is (from the Guardian);

“Simon Heffer, the Daily Telegraph columnist, said today he would to stand against his local Conservative MP unless he paid back £12,000 in expenses.”


“Esther Rantzen, who plans to stand against Labour’s Margaret Moran in Luton South unless she resigns.

Robert Harris, the journalist and writer, said he was considering challenging Tory MP Alan Duncan, and Lynn Faulds Wood, the TV consumer rights campaigner, is also considering running.

David Van Day, the former Dollar singer and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! contestant, said he planned to oppose Conservative MP Nadine Dorries.”

I’m a celebrity, vote me in here (don’t tell me you haven’t thought this!!)

What could be worse than MP’s expenses scandals than those same scandals of journalists and celebrities when they are our local representatives.

On this subject I started reading Nadine Dorries blog – which is back up (hat-tip)- and she was raving about Esther Rantzen’s decision to stand. She ended her entry by saying;

“Politics isn’t showbiz, it’s life; and if Esther thought the celebrity jungle was tough, she ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Nadine has her own jungle oppnent to worry about now, but as of yet no entry regarding it…


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  2. Forced Milf says:

    now I’ll be tuned..

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