Lies, deceit, hate and Tory melancholy

Tory hacks are not as wry as before the expenses scandals. I mean, everyone is sulking, but Labour have plans up their sleeves, whereas the Tories main election winning force – i.e., “liberal conservatism” – is shaking.

Three events have been talked about today that have made the Tories just that little bit sadder.

Firstly, the family of Winston Churchill, notably Tory MP Nicholas Soames, are angry that the BNP have hijacked Churchill’s sayings in order to drum up national pride (although the uncovering of Nick Griffin’s edited magazine ‘The Rune’ has wiped smiles of the far-right’s faces, showing Griffin on record praising the SS and attacking the RAF).

Second, Tory Student has asked readers to vote UKIP (pretty standard this one?)

And thirdly, Daily Mail writer Peter Hitchens is sick of BNP voters using the Mail as a platform of their own, waving Read the Daily Mail placards and bombarding their comments pages with hate messages (because that is the job of the editor).


2 Responses to Lies, deceit, hate and Tory melancholy

  1. Omni says:

    Peter always leaves me wondering exactly who he votes for. He hates Labour, he can’t actually express the word Liberal without throwing up in his mouth a little and many of his columns are slating David Cameron and the current Conservative Party.

    I can’t see him through his weight behind the greens somehow… UKIP maybe?

    One of lifes mysteries.

    • Ukip hmmm probably too single-issue for him and the BNP would be far too socialist for him. I caught a little bit of the debate between him and his brother and given his version of christian morality, I imagine he’s a hard social conservative with a wee bit of whig and victorianims about him. But he slates everyone, yes. I still want to know who Ian Hislop votes for? Probably Lib Dems, right?

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