Vengeance aside, there are real considerations for local electors in June

Michael Sparling

I am standing for Labour locally because I believe Labour represents the best chance for this country. Many people will not listen to that at this moment because of what the Parliamentarians have done and that is the tragedy of what has happened. However, I think it is important to focus minds on the fact that this is a local election and it should be about local issues.

The scandals of recent weeks are a matter for all kinds of people, from all sides in the political class, who having assumed that they are honourable have found that they are part of a system that has been dishonourable. That is a warning that all those involved need to take on board.

That said, there are huge issues facing local communities including crime and the economic crisis. Individual voters need to consider what the people they elect will do about these issues. These considerations must take precedence over blind retaliation, or more extreme elements will stand to gain and local people will suffer.

Parliamentarians have not acted responsibly. I have faith that when people go to the polls this June, they will act with more foresight. Local candidates – including those I am standing against – have had absolutely nothing to do with the scandals in Westminster. More to the point, the candidates elected will be making all kinds of important decisions about the lives of local electors.

Whilst there are those who are spurring on others to go and punish the political structure generally on June 4, I am concerned about a much bigger question for local people and that is the life that we have to lead over the next four years.

Michael Sparling is the Labour Party candidate in the Devon County Council elections (Tavistock Division)


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