Brown: Sorting the expenses system

Daniel Hannan thinks Gordon Brown’s proposals of external regulators overseeing the expenses system will make things worse.

In the anti-politician climate that Hannan accuses Brown of exacerbating, the move to ‘Formalising their feebleness, enshrining it in statute, will mean the end of parliamentary sovereignty, both as a legal concept and as a political fact.’

The blog entry takes the whole issue way out of hand, reading more like war cry to the ‘save the pound’ patriot the end of parliamentary sovereignity!! Getting MP’s to publish tax receipts will not end the political freedoms of our representatives, but expenses abuse certainly will. And what is the best way to curtail these abuses, as well as offering a gesture of accountability by the voting public; transparency of course.

No doubt Daniel Hannan MP just wants more of the same, a view that David Cameron hasn’t officially abandoned.


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